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Interactive communication
Turning impossible into possible
Creating brand communication with clients all over the world through technology, architecture and design.
icd.agency comes up with and implements concepts of interactive spaces. We analyze brand strategies, visualize in 3D space, offer technical and design solutions for specific client tasks. We create content in real-time graphic tools such as Unity and Unreal Engine 4. We advise the client on technical issues, as well as select equipment, assemble and dismantle it on the site.

How we have already helped to our clients

We can help you with
Scale: from SPIEF to local events
Choosing construct developer
Developing project concept
Providing 3D visualization
Content programming / design
Equipment Installation
On-site project testing
Watching after the stand until the end of the event
Equipment dismantle
Choosing site for the presentation
Analyzing technical capabilities (screens, sound, etc.)
Choosing equipment suppliers
Developing project concept
Creating slide design, 3D graphics and interactive inserts such as augmented reality, surveys and interaction between the speaker and the content on the screen
Rehearsing with the speakers, learning them how to interact with the presentation
Providing Stage Manager
Equipment Installation
Equipment dismantle
    Point of sale
    Commerce is rapidly becoming online. Points of sales from an ordinary rack with products are turning into a place of brand communication with clients. People are attracted by product personalization and installations, which they can share on social networks, exchanging attention to the modern currency — likes.

    Points of sales - shops, car dealerships, offices, etc.
    Studying the brand and its marketing strategy
    Developing concepts
    Creating a project
    Supervising the project till the end of its existence
      You saw some solution at one of the exhibitions, but do not know how to implement it.
      There is a technology like AR, Looking Glass or HyperVision, that you want to integrate into your event but do not know how to do it.
      You are building a museum and want to find a way to talk about a time period or exhibit in an unusual way, but you can't figure out how to do it.

      Does that sound familiar to you?
      If so, we will analyze the task and try to help you or advise one of our wonderful colleagues.

      Our limitations
      Organization limitations

      We can't tell you which flowers will set the atmosphere of the event or from which fabric it is better to sew a suit for promotional staff. We can't book a celebrity for an interview. We don't have that competence, but our partners do. If during the project you need the help of professionals from another field, we will connect them with you directly to avoid of being an unnecessary extra "layer".

      Making a video, developing a website or an application with strict technical requirements. We try to look at the whole picture and offer our own solutions for a specific task. If you have strict technical requirements and need only a development team, who will not offer an alternative solution or will not try to assess how this task fits your marketing strategy and meets the limitations of the site, then you should turn to another production team. We can also advise you our colleagues.

      We have no expertise in creating ready-made solutions, such as photo booth or VR games for rent. Our work is limited in time from a couple of hours to 3 years. We work on each task from scratch. If you need an application with lifetime technical support, such as "GoogleFacebookKiller", it is better to contact the software development studios.

      We take questions and make answers
      Are you an agency or a production team?
      First and foremost, we provide services. We advise the client on interactive communications. Our competence goes beyond the activities of a production agency and rather refers more to the activities of advertising agencies. But we have our own specialists in such areas as design, programming and architecture. This allows us to produce all projects inside the agency, involving people from outside for specific tasks, such as creating 3D characters and spatial sounds, training neural networks and etc.
      How much does it cost?
      We do not have ready-made solutions, so the price is calculated individually for each project. The price is influenced by such factors as season, number of hours required to implement the project, location. We do not disclose client budgets and do not name a specific price for implemented projects, as it is a trade secret. In any case, repetition of a project may cost differently for many reasons (technology and materials used, location, etc.). Formation of budget estimates takes from one day to one week, depending on the input data.
      Who do you work with?
      We work directly with clients: business owners, brand managers, marketing and event departments. We also work with agencies, if we have an access to decision makers and have a clear division of responsibilities between us and other agencies.
      What does it take to start working with you?
      It's simple. We need next information: brief, budget, location and timing. If any of this is missing, send what you have and we'll figure out the rest :)
      Do you work with public procurement?
      We have experience in government procurement in Russia. Our company works in the official labor field.
      Can you keep the project confidential?
      We have our own cloud infrastructure. We avoid information leaks before product announcements or if the project was not originally designed for the general public. We can also deploy our cloud storage on a server in any country, if it matters.

      To send a brief
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      Our mission is to build a new way of brand communication with clients all over the world.